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2 years ago

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What a whirlwind of a week, my husband and I yourasiansex have often talked and fantasized about swinging and meeting with others, but I never really going to happen, but we found a very ideal all involved. This Wednesday night everything was out to get a guy that I thought for drinks, while my husband went for a night with a girl who is tied for the night of casual fun, no strings attached - but disappeared tonight I've had in particular was yourasiansex far I have a text saying it yourasiansex was me and night in two in the first place, the excitement ran me like a hot poker, a lot of wine, yourasiansex good company and now the opportunity to have my hands in any other woman, what a way to end a night. I was for her, and I say this text, I was on my way home in a taxi, I felt my husband and his friend and went upstairs to change into something sexy, I'm in my black stockings, suspenders, leather skirt and tight black sweater, poured myself a glassd expected, came soon after, this was yourasiansex the first time I met her, and she was small in size, attractive with blond hair smooth, hold a cup, I could say that my husband wanted to how things move in he took off the couch and kissed me waved on his back, while I stood behind her and put my hands all over her body, he struggled up and down the back and then turned away to me, cupping my yourasiansex face kissed her softly, slipped his arms around me and we ended up kissing passionately, we were both eager for more, I took off my jersey, my swollen breasts in tight black bra and unbuttoned her dress to reveal she took fast, but sometimes stayed in bra, garter belt stockings and panties, I pulled out my leather coat, and had our hands together, I could not stop kissing, our tongues licking each other, I gently pulled her bra and petite breasts with hard nipples fantastic mouth and asked me if I could onlywing, I got it with my tongue and I sucked so hard before nibbling gently with her teeth, she moaned with pleasure and we kissed back harder and harder, my husband really became today and pointed to his yourasiansex own team, that pushed over the couch and pulled her panties to lick my pussy first and tease, yourasiansex oh God, how I wanted it, stroked it gently before kissing and licking shaved pussy with hot wet tongue, it felt so good he joked her clitoris with your tongue, and yourasiansex she writhed in pleasure pussy pushed further into my mouth, she loved us, and enjoyed it, held it close to me and we were on the floor, took my panties and I was desperate lick, spread their legs and buried his tongue in my God, it felt wonderful, I pushed my hips so I could go on, was so wet with excitement, licked, sucked, kissed, what seemed an eternity, I I knew my husband became reality and now wanted to get involved, And then she slides his hard cock in her mouth while her fingers juicy pussy on my fingers and licks her juices taste, I was seeing on his cock Suck My Hubbie and loved it turned out, and exchanged for juicy fanny sucked me while my Hubbie take up the ass, I'm so wet I thought I would finish every time we change after age lick, blow and fuck each other, my husband, then you have some toys, I lay in strap and fucked hard, she moaned with pleasure as she sucked my hard cock head when I saw the belt where we really got into it, hard and fast, grabbing my deepest and most fucked up, it was great now we are all condemned to be shot, and kissed him, therefore, seen rolling on the floor, my husband and pleasure, until he could no longer give us a kiss and sucks both of their tail, and while we kissed fingers juicy wet clitoris itself to masturbate more than two are over our heads, shooting his hot wet cum on us,He rubbed each other and kissed her long and hard, keep playing with each other rubbing the clitoris, until they met, great. If that is
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